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Professor Ingrid Lunt

Ingrid Lunt

Personal biography
I have worked as a teacher in nursery, primary and secondary school settings, as a clinical and an educational psychologist, and for the past 25 years as an academic teaching and researching in the field of education. I carried out research in the field of special educational needs and inclusive education policy for 15 years or so, and now research within the field of higher education. Most of my work has been in inner London, with periods in Norway, and now at the University of Oxford.

Organisation biography
I am Professor of Educational Studies at the University of Oxford, Department of Education, and Vice Principal of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford.

Why do you work with/support Catch Up®?
Having been a teacher, an educational psychologist and a researcher in the field of special educational needs, I am very aware of the central importance of literacy and numeracy, and of the enormous benefits of an intervention such as Catch Up®, which is both substantively and cost effective, and helps schools to support the many children who have ‘fallen behind’ to ‘catch up’.