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Lynne Startin


Training area: Wales and Central/Northern England
Intervention: Catch Up® Numeracy
Background: Over 30 years teaching experience at primary and lower secondary. 8 years as Maths Practitioner for Powys LEA, supporting all schools, delivering training in all aspects of Mathematics Foundation Phase to KS3.
How long have you been delivering Catch Up® training?
Approximately 2 years
What’s been your greatest success as a Catch Up® trainer?
I believe it is encouraging trainees not to be afraid of Maths, that it is a subject to be loved. (But you would have to ask them.)
What do you like best about Catch Up® training?
Seeing trainees make sense of Mathematics through the Catch Up® Numeracy components
What would be your Catch Up® top tip/advice?
Keep it realistic. Everything is possible in theory, but it has to be possible in an everyday school situation. I have never lost sight of that.
Give one interesting fact about yourself that might surprise people.
I was actually a Home Economics and then a Design Technology teacher.