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Jenny Sawyer


Training area: South Yorkshire, anywhere
Intervention: Catch Up® Literacy
Background: Primary school teacher, Learning Support Team Leader, Manager of Portage, Advisory Service Support Officer working with underachieving primary schools, now working for Catch Up®.
How long have you been delivering Catch Up® training?
Since 2009
What’s been your greatest success as a Catch Up® trainer?
Knowing that I have made a difference and given children and young people an opportunity to improve their life chances
What do you like best about Catch Up® training?
Once trained, it is easy to deliver, it makes a difference and both learner and deliverer love it!
What would be your Catch Up® top tip/advice?
Do it, enjoy it and tell others about it
Give one interesting fact about yourself that might surprise people.
I’ve done 3 projects with Habitat for Humanity, actually building houses in Mozambique, Zambia and Romania – brilliant.