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Megan Rowland-Mitchell

Megan Rowland Mitchell

Training area: London, South East, anywhere
Intervention: Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy
Background: I started my career in 1978, teaching English in state secondary schools in London. After 10 years, I went to Europe to teach English as a Foreign Language. I then spent 13 years in international education, including 7 years as a Head. I am now self-employed and work with students of all ages who have Special Educational Needs.
How long have you been delivering Catch Up® training?
8 years
What’s been your greatest success as a Catch Up® trainer?
Delivering the Numeracy intervention and enjoying it as much as the Literacy, despite my own fear of mathematics when a teenager
What do you like best about Catch Up® training?
People leave after 3 sessions really happy and are keen to get the intervention up and running. I then enjoy going back 6 to 9 months later to hear how successful they have been.
What would be your Catch Up® top tip/advice?
Identify your learners and get the assessments done as quickly as you can, and as soon as is realistically possible after you have attended the training.
Give one interesting fact about yourself that might surprise people.
I was an extra in the film ‘Batman Begins’, I sing in a Popchoir and enjoy ballroom dancing. (Yes, I know that’s 3 things…..!!)