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Siwan Meiron

Catch Up Blog

Training area: North Wales
Intervention: Catch Up® Literacy
Background: School Improvement and Literacy Officer with Wrexham Local Authority for 16 years
How long have you been delivering Catch Up® training?
2 years
What’s been your greatest success as a Catch Up® trainer?
Establishing a model in my own LA where teachers/managers also train as deliverers. This gives them a great grounding and makes them much better Catch Up Managers/Coordinators. Seeing TAs flourish when they take on the responsibility of delivering Catch Up® in their school.
What do you like best about Catch Up® training?
All of it! I’m really passionate about it as I’ve seen the difference it makes to children’s lives. I like session 1 – it just gives the context/grounding for the other training sessions. So many teachers, let alone TAs, don’t have the background in phonics, what reading is all about, why some children find it difficult etc. It’s a revelation for most of the trainees. I love how you can just see the penny drop!
What would be your Catch Up® top tip/advice?

  • Headteacher/Managers - Know what it’s about before you start – go to an LN1 so that you send the right people on the training, you know the level of commitment needed from the school, cost, time etc before the L2 or N2.

  • Send your Catch Up® manager on the L2 or N2 as well as the TA – it’s the best investment. It’s unfair to expect a teacher to manage an intervention they don’t know enough about.

  • Give staff the time and resources they need to make it work in school. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money and time. Catch Up® really works – but only if children have their two 15-minute sessions a week from a trained deliverer, who is monitored and supported by a Catch Up® coordinator. Do it properly or don’t do it at all!

Give one interesting fact about yourself that might surprise people.
I’m allergic to exercise! (You might be able to guess that though!)