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Janet Beverley

Janet photo

Training area: Mostly East Anglia, anywhere
Intervention: Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy
Background: Secondary teacher, Special Needs teacher, SLT experience, local authority experience (education). Working as an educational consultant in the charity sector.
How long have you been delivering Catch Up® training?
11 years
What’s been your greatest success as a Catch Up® trainer?
Helping to move Catch Up® training into ‘other settings’ – enabling looked after children and travellers to benefit from Catch Up® Literacy
What do you like best about Catch Up® training?
Hopefully, making a real difference to how schools are using teaching assistants’ time and skills by enabling TAs to gain valuable professional development
What would be your Catch Up® top tip/advice?
Schools need to think very carefully about who is to manage the intervention
Give one interesting fact about yourself that might surprise people.
I spent much of my teenage life in New Zealand