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On our blog you can read latest news about Catch Up®, training and events, as well as useful articles about helping struggling learners with literacy and numeracy.

17th June 2015 - Sight word knowledge and phonics

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Sometimes, trainees ask us what they should do about pupils they are thinking about starting on Catch Up® Literacy, who are already good at phonics. They anticipate that these pupils will probably score well on Assessment 2: Sight word knowledge, and so will be assigned a higher Catch Up® starting level.

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15th June 2015 - Celebrating 15 years of span class="nb"Catch Upsup®/sup/span


On Friday 12th June, over 100 span class="nb"Catch Upsup®/sup/span trustees, trainers, supporters and friends had afternoon tea in the very elegant and historical surroundings of the Cholmondeley (pronounced Chummley) Room and Terrace in the House of Lords.

We were the guests of Baroness Andrews OBE and we were celebrating 15 successful years of span class="nb"Catch Upsup®/sup/span and looking forward to exciting future developments.

Baroness Andrews is well known for her dedicated work in the field of education. She was founder and Director of Education Extra – the national charity for out-of-school learning and activities.

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15th May 2015 - Is Catch Up® Literacy suitable for pupils with dyslexia?

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Pupils with dyslexia present schools with a real challenge. This is not surprising as brain imaging techniques reveal that the brain of the dyslexic is 'wired differently'. So it is unlikely there is any teaching approach or product that could be a 'breakthrough' with dyslexia.

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11th May 2015 - Catch Up® training success at Peters Books&Furniture

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Hosted by Peters Books & Furniture, the most recent Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy training courses in Birmingham were another great success!

Over the three half-days of training, each attendee accessed interactive training and resources, which guided them through the identification of learners, the Catch Up® assessment process, the delivery of appropriate support and, finally, the monitoring of progress and impact for their Catch Up® intervention.

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20th April 2015 - Making the best use of Teaching Assistants

Making the most of Teaching Assistants

A new report from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), ‘Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants - Guidance Report - March 2015’, has come up with a really useful summary of all the evidence on making the best use of Teaching Assistants and put it into a neat 7-point plan.

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